Wellesley Youth Lacrosse Club

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Here is an excellent source of information about common lacrosse injuries from Boston Children's Hospital Orthopedics and Sports Medicine department. Click here for the pdf of the article.

Here is another excellent source from the STOPSportsInjuries organization. Click here for the pdf of the article.

Boston Children's Hospital Affiliate Program

Wellesley Youth Lacrosse is a member of the Boston Children's Hospital Division of Sports Medicine Affiliate Program.  The program is designed to enable our players access to expedited care in the event of a sports injury.  There is no need to pre-register for the program - it is merely an option available to WYLC players should the need arise for medical attention due to sports injury during the season. 

WYLC player's use of this service is completely voluntary.  We are aware of all the outstanding local medical providers and do not endorse one over the other. We are providing this to our families as an optional resource in the event of a sports injury requiring immediate evaluation or follow-up.


Fast-track your sports medicine appointment with the FasTrac app.

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