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The Wall Ball Challenge is over this year but make sure to continue to hit the wall this summer to work on your stick skills.

You can never spend too much time on the wall. Never.” —Paul Rabil

The objective of wall ball is to dedicate at least 15-20 minutes to catching and throwing the ball against a wall, a rebounder or to another person using both the LEFT and RIGHT hands. Younger and newer players benefit by just practicing with their stick outside of practices and games. More experienced and older players follow Wall Ball Routines to work on specific skills and build strength in the non-dominant hand.


  • Download the free SNYPR app to a mobile phone. Enter the Team Code 35115 for the Raiders Wall Ball Challenge. Click for more setup instructions.
  • Attach your smart phone to your right arm. Press the Play button on your app, and hit the wall! You can even listen to your favorite music at the same time!


Wall Ball Routines come in a few ways - written down and in a video. There is no shortage on finding a good Wall Ball routine. Just type lacrosse wall ball routine into your browser and go.

Paul Rabil shared some of his favorite Wall Ball routines with US Lacrosse a few years ago.





posted 03/09/2018

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