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by posted 01/15/2017
Raider 300 Wall Ball Challenge!




The Raider 300 Wall Ball Challenge has begun!!!


This challenge is open to our 3rd - 12th grade Wellesley boys lacrosse players, and the goal of the challenge is simple - to help our players get better!


The Raider 300 Challenge is both simple and difficult at the same time - it's all about getting the stick in your hands and getting your reps in. We're asking for 300 reps a day, which is the easy part. The hard part is getting out there and performing the routine consistently to meet the required total reps for the challenge, and then passing the test. The 300 reps/day routine includes a variety of different skills (some easy, some difficult!). It's not about being perfect with every rep in the routine - it's about attempting each of these skills on a consistent basis to get better, and have fun doing it!


Here's a link that explains the challenge: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KQGtVz-B8nUFWtgA940MpIQlvfWwTS-qih_QO0QKlww/pub


Here's a link to the Raider 300 routine: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1-hgWdG7-nSMYseqUPFAFIMgYJAzDZGPubDohuPLbas4/pub?gid=0&single=true&output=pdf


The pre-season has begun, and the time to put the work in to improve your skills is now! The question is, who will accept the challenge and show up on the first day of spring practice wearing the Raider 300 t-shirt???


by matt fantasia posted 10/31/2016
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